Testimonials endorsements from past clients

„I had an accident while doing sport. The doctor diagnosed a shoulder joint dislocation Tossy 2, which should heal conservatively by resting in 6-8W. I was sad, because I couldn’t do my sports… But I got help from Hanna Blume who did energy work with me. After the first few sessions, the pain in the shoulder subsided. I noticed a broken rib, right unter my heart and in one single magical powerful session it healed and the pain is completely disappeared since then. After 3 weeks I was able to do sports again. Seems like a miracle to me. So thankful!“

R. from Bern – Switzerland

🌸after 1 month Energy-Remote Treatment🌸

„In the healing session with Hanna Blume my whole being got space to bloom and breathe easy in it’s femininity. Old injuries and very topical issues and patterns, that blocked my feminine energy for a long time, could show up and dissolve. Hanna always knew exactly where I was and gave me quiet, gentle impulses. A wonderful gift- to be touched, seen and held in this way: exactly who, how and at what point I was… fully allowed with everything inside of me. It led to all the necessary changes that wanted to happen deep inside of me. And on my belly, a picture of my soul, my very own being, that Hanna Blume had sensed so wisely, blossomed.“

K. from Straußberg – Germany

🌸after 3 hour Healing-Art-Session🌸

„Hanna Blume does a wonderful healing & transformation work. The belly painting is a unique format, intense but also light as a feather, joyful but also cathartic, highly recommended for topics related to femininity (like motherhood, trust, contact, trauma, intuition, intimacy, giving birth to ideas, projects, visions). When I saw the photos of the painted bellies it was clear that THIS is the free, creative and playful space that my being likes and needs. And it was wonderful! Initiation, transition and letting go ritual, emotional and energetic transformation, and then also a photo shoot for the new look and the new anchor in your own center. Thank you Hanna!“

L. from Berlin – Germany

🌸after 3 hour Healing-Art-Session🌸

„Hanna Blume is one of the most sensitive and- at the same time – strongest women I know! She knows exactly what you need in your process and supports you in a loving way to heal your blockages, old patterns or injuries and let them go. In the belly-painting last year, I was moved to tears and I haven’t been able to cry for 10 years (due to old trauma pattern)! It was wonderful that I could feel and express my deepest feelings & true self. Thank you for your valuable work Hanna. I could feel, that it is your passion and gift and that you have been practicing it for years!“

T. from Bielefeld – Germany

🌸after 3 hour Healing-Art-Session🌸

I am grateful to Hanna with all my heart! Through her work she was able to show me more clearly which points and aspects I should pay attention to in my personal process. Her advice was so clear and on point, that I was really surprised. She knew so much, that helped me a lot!
Sometimes it is just important to be lovingly directed in the right direction by the right people. Our talk was very, very moving and transforming for me! Thank you thank you thank you!

H. from Bonn – Germany

🌸after Coaching-Talk🌸

Working with Hanna has opened a whole new door towards clarity for me. With her warmth, she picks people up where they are and does exactly the kind of work with them that it takes to move forward and, above all, to spark their own strength even more. I can honestly say that my life has become a lot easier and clearer since our work. I am infinitely grateful that I was able to get to know Hanna, that she took me by the hand when it got dark inside me and that she accompanied me through these feelings until my inner sun could shine again.

C. from Vienna – Austria

🌸after Repatriation work🌸

Hanna’s belly-painting-work is a declaration of love for your body. This session was a stone, that got my self love-process rolling. Gradually I was able to relax deeply in my belly, which was otherwise always a lot of tension. The shame about my „fat“ and my poor digestion was gone. It felt so great to flow in my femininity, to be seen in it and to be allowed to be my fullest self. In these 3 hours experienced a few waves of emotions and was always held in them lovingly by Hanna. Thank you so much for this wonderful and transforming experience, that I can highly recommend to every woman, in every age and point in her life.

L. from Freiburg – Germany

🌸after 3 hour Healing-Art-Session🌸

With Hanna I immediately felt that I could trust her fully and that I was in a safe room. I was able to let myself go completely, which is often very difficult for me otherwise. The sessions with her were intense & liberating. Working with Hanna was a nice and very healing experience. I appreciate her mindfulness, her gentle and at the same time determined- but also warm and cordial manner. She feels so much and can put her perception into words. An absolute recommendation from the heart that I can only recommend to every woman – especially if she has experienced sexual violence or has crossed boundaries. Thanks Hanna! ♥ ️

M. from Vienna – Austria

🌸after 1 month Energy- and Bodywork 🌸

I had a problem with my throat for many years that no doctor could explain or fix. I’ve been to a lot of different doctors and really none of them could help me. I worked with Hanna Blume for 2 months and the problem has already disappeared! Her work is precise, fast and incredibly effective. I am really surprised and confident again.Working with Hanna was a really important experience for me, which turned open up many important insights about my deeper process. Her meditations were very helpful and beautiful. I was able to find out more about myself in a short time, and I can continue to work on myself. Thank you Hanna for your loving support. ️

C. from Vienna, Austria.

🌸after 2 month Coaching🌸

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