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Hey YOU beautiful soul! Be warm & gentle welcomed on my blooming and colorful page. My name is Hanna Blume and I am a German Naturopath Doctor and „Healing Artist“. 

After 10 years of different educations on my own deep way of healing and finding myelf I am now able to share my medicine with others. In many forms- of „healing arts“ in healing sessions, but also in other sorts of art- like paintings on canvases / bodies, singing and dancing.

Mainly I create sacred & safe spaces for people, to reconnect them to their soul longings and deepest desires. I help them to break through old pattern and doubts, to grow into their fullest potentials

I can help heal physical ailments through body work and energy work. Also in the form of remote treatments. I can bring back injured and dissociated parts of the soul and integrate them with shamanic methods and help to heal trauma deeply by means of targeted shadow work. I use elements of art therapy to bring clients back into contact with their inner child and to uncover buried potentials and abilities. Again and again I work specifically with the „Inner Child“ in order to accompany people in a stable self-love in the long term. I resolve issues that are blocked in the ancestral line, also through constellation work and much more.

In my workshops and groups I teach many methods of self-healing and ways to self-love. Above all, I help people to get back into contact with their feelings, to express them freely and authentically and to regain their self-responsibility, self-efficacy and self-empowerment in order to take their true place in their lives, to shine and to become free and happy on all levels. 

The art I make should remind people of the joy of life and authenticity in free self-expression. I have also developed a module where I paint women’s stomach in a 2-hour healing session and we travel through the stomach deep into femininity and female injuries to heal them. But there is an extra link if you are interested. 🙂 

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>> Berlin, Germany
>> Vienna, Austria
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