🌸 Welcome Beautiful 🌸

„The world is a wild, raw, rough & magic place… and it‘s not easy to find your own way of heart, but there are always some lights in the dark, who show us the way.“

I have the mission to empower & remember others of their very own talents, gifts, their true inner beauty and their great strength. I help people to find their purpose in life and to live their true destiny.

After 10 years of different educations I work in my coaching & healing sessions with many powerful tools and elements to dissolve blockages on the way to oneself like:






🌸“Angel-Wolf“ Shamanism

for helping YOU on your path of soul, reflection, selflove & healing to BLOOM from your wounds in your fullest potential.

Looking forward to work with you.

Hanna Blume

stay strong through your pain. grow flowers from it. you have helped me grow flowers out of mine. so bloom beautifully. dangerously. loudly. bloom softly. however you need. just bloom 🌸

Rupi Kaur (Milk & Honey)

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